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    Ranchi is blessed with majestic waterfalls, tall trees and lush greenery on expansive lands. The unique tribal culture intertwined with the modern city makes Ranchi unique among all tourist destinations.
    Located at a height of 1, 140 feet above sea level, Ranchi is also the capital of Jharkhand. With the tourism of this city slowly catching pace, Ranchi will soon be considered as one of the important destinations in India. Ranchi has beautiful waterfalls and hills that make this place the most favored holiday destination in Jharkhand. The most popular places in this city include Ranchi Hill, Kanke Dam, Tagore hill and Hudru falls, Hatia Museum and Tribal Research Institute and Museum. The city has a very rich variety of trees and wildlife, Maugha, Sal and Simul are some of the rare varieties of trees found here.